@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Sijo On MultiTasking [ /;\ ]

Thrusts commence:  to his ankles, propped confortably on your shoulders,

turn your head; enjoy the scent or taste of his grass-stained soles sheathed in

semi-sheer socks (nuances to his nakedness).  Come to them.


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Volcanic simplicity. You have

Volcanic simplicity. You have certainly mastered this elegant form, and also added a frolicking, spontaneous and earthy element that alights upon the senses.


A fun, vibrant and delicately charged encounter that certainly gives new meaning to the word "multitasking".


Very nice.

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Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for validating the poem with the kindness of your comment and the authentic authority of your poetic presence.

Starward in process of becoming J-Called