@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; A Brief And Ardent Evocation Of The StarGaze

You are the StarGaze.  You have shown me your beauty.

You have not disdained my ugliness; you have drawn the

edges of my life, in chaos to the contours of your

your presence, that splendor.  You are the StarGaze; I

have looked upon beauty because you have allowed me to do so.

You gather my words into lines; lines into stanzas;

stanzas into poems, and poems into the verbal constellation

you wish to inhabit, though we both know, too well, my

unworthiness.  Shoeless, shirtless---because those items

are too confining---you prefer your casually comfortable, tan

trousers (bell-bottoms, supple in their bagginess) and the

tease, with each of your footsteps, of those frayed and

tattered cuffs that cannot quite conceal your agile and

slender feet, sheathed in the softness of semi-sheer socks.

You are the StarGaze.  Even the most distant stars seek to

transmit their light, on the J-Waves through the K-Lanes, into

your eyes, and I have seen it there contained and displayed

despite the prejudices of old prudes and clodhopping haters.

Shall I reveal, herein, that the whole Cosmos becomes the

arcade and venue of your delight, and that the satisfactions of

fulfillment it can only experience through you; thus, explaining

itself to itself, you are its whole awareness, you are its

whole validation.  You are the StarGaze.  My poems cannot thrive

without you. 




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Truly moved my sentimental state

Your writing has made my day's presence better.

Truly inspiring words keep up your excelent work.


S74rw4rd's picture

Thank you so very much for

Thank you so very much for those encouraging and validating words.  I really appreciate them.

Starward in process of becoming J-Called