@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Like A Most Intentional Tourist

While the breeze off the lake danced through his long, curly hair,

the sunlight kissed and caressed his firm and toned torso.

Beneath his baggy loungers' cuffs, his feet---not bare

but sheathed in semi-sheer socks---were teased by soft sand.

Three venues of his innate beauty to share

(without regard to the societal imposition

of restrictions such as hesitancy and inhibition):

and just before dawn, you had visited where

breeze, and sun, and sand now happily played,

during sensual pleasures we exchanged, and abiding Love made.


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First, the title: lightening

First, the title: lightening struck and you harnessed megawatt beauty. Pure gold!


I'm completely smitten by your strategy here: the device of nature as lover. In turn the breeze, the sunlight and the sand blithely adore him with capricious abandon—something dried-up, fun-hating prudes couldn't stop even if they were capable of recognizing it.


In the last lines the magic truly begins: the melody, the foreplay, that the Earth began becomes a full-blown, climatic symphony. Knowing that what is not said is far more explosive than explicit description, you used subtlety with staggering finesse and created a showpiece that is a knockout example of timelessness, sensuality and excellence.


Ad Astra continues to live up to its name!

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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the comment, for your customary close reading, and for the encouragement in your words.  I don't think this sequence would have become what it is without your encouraging remarks, and I gladly acknowledge jow indebted I am to your work, and your stature on this site as its finest Poet.  

Starward in process of becoming J-Called