To My (Medical) Affliction, 1

I could not have crafted a wilder fiction

than you have been---my lingering affliction.

You torture me down to the very bone;

you twist my nerves and neurons to the breaking;

and good moments become yours for the taking.

From your insidious presence, no return

presents, with no escape available.

Yet, you are not wholly inevitable.

In certain aspects, you are vulnerable,

and Christ can heal me with a miracle;

which would add a new meaning to my death,

and set me free from you at my last breath:

a happy hope that I will never spurn.

Yet, though you boast your individual

uniqueness, I know you are not alone.

The cornpone comic and clodhopping clown

still beckon from the slippery slope straight down.

Thornin Myside is never far away,

and never lacks inanity to say.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Two inflictions entwine and entangle in my existence.  Despite the illusion of permanence, their hold upon me cannot survive my death; in that aspect, I would still be thankful to Christ for the miracle of release.

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May the Lord ease every

May the Lord ease every distress and may He respond to every secret prayer you hold in your heart

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Thank you very much for those

Thank you very much for those kind words.

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