People love to criticize 

Easier to think with just your eyes,

Than to look at the deeper side,

Always much more than had realized.


Unruly and starting anew

The face molds as the stressors grow,

Done what I'm told but now I'm through,

Unworthy judgement for being you,

Such authority was given to whom?


I won't keep off my toes, I compete

They love to watch me fall,

I can't stand to hear them speak.

Just want what I already have, but settling is supposedly bad.

Anecdotally, they can't prove shit

Tell me what's the point of being a critic?


I'm possibly just the same.

A hypocritical disregard for blame,

But for those who insinuate at my name,

Rally at what I'll do and say.

I'll raise a furor in my wake. 

Not a day in my mind, that they do breach.

So judge me, for heaven's sake. 

You can't critique what is unique.



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