A letter to me.

A letter to me.


Behind your smiles are hidden tears, you feel ashamed like you have failed.

There is an emptiness within your heart, you feel an endless pain in your soul. You are lost amongst the violent waves of emotions.

You cry for help with a silent voice.

Fear not your emotions,  you must cry, scream, yell,smile, laugh. You just need to feel for these are your greatest victories.

The kindest act you can do is to love yourself.

A phoenix rises from the ashes just as true strength comes from failure.

There is no defeat if you never give up on yourself. Forgive your doubts, free yourself from the fears that consume your heart.

To truly be free, you must learn to be at peace with yourself.

There is no perfect story, just the one you start now.

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Years ago, during a dark and

Years ago, during a dark and lonely time in my life, a therapist gave me some advice that has stuck with me ever since. "Give yourself the grace that you would give to the person you love most in the world." I remember being taken aback, such a simple suggestion, yet one I had never even considered myself. All too often I will try and hold myself to an impossible standard that I wouldn't dare impose on anyone else; as though I were the exception proving the rule that everyone needs help and being flawed is all part of the human experience. Your poem captures that same ideology well. Accepting your story as imperfect and yet one still worth telling and living through. I enjoyed reading this very much.





"Paper is patient." - Anne Frank