Beads, sacred beads, in hands held,

Beautiful touch of heaven satin smooth,

Words spoken, sacred holy words,

Decades repeated,

Sacred and holy repetition,

For some, monotonous

To others, a soothing balm.

Sound of the chant,

For some, noise it becomes.

For others, healing rain.

O my Jesus,


Between the Beads,

That small space,

Which quickly goes by,

All of heaven resides.

Mystical and miracles move,

Inhale and exhale pause between heartbeats,

Praise of life flows,

The moment, missed in the visible,

Caught and held caressed by the Divine,

That minute point in time,

Holds all of eternity.

Forgive us our sins.


Lulled to sleep by

Soothing notes of symphony float.

Vibrations, dancing through the wind,

Lift me to where eagles soar.

Upon next blessed sphere,

I rest, grateful for the breath.

Realizing the journey difficult will be,

Perhaps deadly, prayers offered

On calloused knees.

Save us from the fires of hell!


Between the beads,

That small space,

Which quickly goes by,

An ocean of peace lies.

Gently rolling and moving,

Massaging the spirit,

Misfortunes of life no longer exist.

Lead all souls to Heaven.

Especially those in most need

Of Thy mercy.


Pressing orb with fingers,

Tips embracing a perpetuity of,

Love and grace anxiously anticipating,

Escaping darkness sliding down,

Into that next small space,

Which quickly goes by,

Between the beads.

Where fullness of light abides.

That “quickly goes by,”

Becomes "time without end."


Awakened in the celestial,

Solo angelic voice glides with tender

Waterfall cascades and resonant waves.

Single violin in the Master’s hands,

Accompanies cherubim,

With humble words of adoration,

A sigh of grateful thanksgiving exhaled,

Between the beads,

That small space,

Which quickly goes by,

Clutched and embraced tightly by heaven,

With the knowing of suffering endured.

Breathlessly offered…


“You have given all to me.

To you, Lord, I return it.

Everything is Yours;

Do with it what You will.

Give me only Your love

And Your grace.

That is enough for me.”


(Closing stanza words of

St. Ignatius of Loyola, 1491-1556)


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crypticbard's picture

It is a reminder to us all,

It is a reminder to us all, that however we pray or connect or reach up and out and to whichever deity we live our lives between prayer beads and quite rightly so there is the tiniest of gaps between one and those that precede and follow. We are a needy lot and we don't have all the answers. A humbling reminder. Thanks for sharing.

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Starward's picture

This beautiful---and I

This beautiful---and I mean, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!---poem not only expresses some very deep truths of the meaning of such sacramentals, it also reminded me (to add a personal response to this comment) to appreciate my prayer rope, and the prayers prayed upon it, far more than I presently have done.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


patriciajj's picture

It's wonderful to see a new

It's wonderful to see a new post from you. Your description of your profound connection with that space where "All of heaven resides" as you recite the rosary was truly compelling; You don't just say the words, but you become one with the words, feel their "healing rain" and enter a sacred space beyond the words.


This deep, transporting experience reminds me of the ecstatic states described by Christian mystics such as Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and the eloquent saint you quoted. 


With exquisite artistry of language, you captured the almost indescribable space of timelessness, embracing love and symphonies of celestial bliss "between the beads". 


I had to come back to Earth and catch my breath after taking this magnificent voyage.