Upon sea of eternity

Enduring life’s onslaughts

With grace I pray


Little dot within forever I tread

Just hoping to gasp one more breath


A movement of arms


     A kick of legs


          The breath


Only one position remains

Face up, head up, eyes up

Into the heavens plead


Descent into fathoms begins

Hands outstretched

Frantically clawing

For smallest molecule I reach to clutch


Ship filled with blessed souls passes by

Blast of hope received

Ring of life tossed

Excruciating joy overwhelms

Finally, salvation!


Gasping, choking on gulp of air

Rope within vice-grip of hand




Only to reach frayed end


Grateful for the breath

            Now drifting by wind and waves

                        In whose mercy I am

                                    Life ring embraced

For divine rescue I long

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With a whirlwind of

With a whirlwind of metaphors, the feeling of life's tribulations pummeling and battering the soul roared through each line. And, like the drama of our everyday lives,  just as it seems we can't hold on, there appears the "life ring". Such a luminous title. 


What I love about your epic soul journeys is that I don't just read them, I experience them. This makes them powerful, life-affirming tools for inspiration. Well done!  

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  amen for us all    thank


amen for us all    thank you



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