The dark man and his friend, Henry spend many hours on the porch while the weather is friendly. The porch is covered, so even on extra hot days it's fairly pleasant in the shade of it, and the dark man has an electric fan he sets pointing at them for extra comfort. With the arrival of Henry the dark man now has someone to talk to, and does so frequently. "I was just thinking," began the dark man one day out on the porch. "Oh, boy. Thought Henry: here we go with more philosophical jibberish." 


"I think it's strange after hundreds of years of exploration by astronomers that no assholes have been located anywhere but on Earth. It seems to me that nature would make at least one asshole somewhere up there. I don't see how she can get around it. Assholes are everywhere on this planet. I bet if we went out of our way to meet the neighbors we would find at least three or four assholes living right here on this street, and I bet there are several more spread out in the neighborhood. I just hope if astronomers do discover assholes elsewhere they don't invite any of them to come here. There are plenty enough to go around already." 


Henry lifted his head up about an inch, looked at the dark man, then went back to sleep.

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