trap 4

The dark man is a news junkie. He monitors several news entities on internet social media. Every day when he turns on his PC to check the news he fears seeing images and videos of bombed out major cities of the United States in flames with huge billows of black smoke rising from ruins. He expects the war. He believes it's inevitable. He's convinced human kind is insane for the most part and wasn't meant to exist for very long. The dinosaurs existed much longer than humans will, he believes, and they would have existed much longer had nature in its randomness not wiped them out with an asteroid. He sleeps on the old sofa in the small living room of the house and keeps a loaded handgun under it. There is a small bedroom in the house but he uses it to store a few boxes of stuff he hasn't thrown away, yet and it's where he keeps his clothes and other possibles. He wouldn't feel comfortable at all sleeping back in that room. He needs to be on the front line of his dwelling in case of bad guys.

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