Early Morning Visitor

~Early Morning Visitor~


There's a big, restless, fly in my room this morning.

Its wings a-buzz.


There was a time I would have killed it on the spot,

but, now that I am older,

I don't see the point in doing so.


Its death won't make my coffee taste better,

and, if anything, will make my luck worse.

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  Thank you Dan... a


Thank you Dan... a beautiful poem   I want to add it to a list of favorite lines in the forum.



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The last line is an astute comentary on karma.   ----   Stephen

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A brilliant commentary on

A brilliant commentary on how, regarding even the smallest details, our perspectives and priorities change as we grow older. I can certainly relate. Expertly composed. 

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One fly

It's easy to keep from swatting one single fly. However, I find it difficult not to swing at them when there are 5. 

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