Top Things You Didn’t Know Sawdust Can Do

I have come across Perth WA sawdust suppliers and realised that a lot of people don’t know how they can benefit from sawdust. However, there are a lot of things you can do with sawdust that most people do not know. Woodworkers generate a lot of sawdust that ends up going to waste.


There is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive wood chips when you can use sawdust to achieve the same results. Spreading sawdust in the garden can prevent weeds from growing and help retain soil moisture. It also keeps the soil cooler which benefits your plants. However, you should always remember to add nitrogen to your garden to prevent your soil from being nitrogen deficient. Here are some more uses of sawdust.


Hack your pet supplies

Dry sawdust absorbs odours and soaks up moisture. This makes it an ideal substitute for your commercial kitty litter. If you are a homeowner, you can plump up the stuffing inside the bed of your pet by adding dry sawdust to the fibrefill. Little pocket pets such as guinea pigs and rats will enjoy having a layer of sawdust spread on the floor as bedding every day.


Sop up spills

Since sawdust is highly absorbent, it is great at soaking up grease, oil, and gasoline spills on the driveway or in the garage. All you have to do is to sprinkle your sawdust on the spill and wait for it to absorb the liquid. Once it has absorbed the liquid, you can sweep it away and repeat the process until the mess is completely gone.


Lighting a fire

If you have a firewood fireplace, you probably know that it is very difficult to light a fire. However, with dry sawdust, you can easily light a fire without having to use paraffin which can cause bad smells and toxic gases.


Grow mushrooms

We all know that mushrooms grow naturally on fallen trees and downed logs so it makes a lot of sense that mushrooms would thrive on a bed of sawdust. You can make your DIY mushroom bed and combine sawdust with compost. Make sure you keep the mixture moist.


Dispose of paint

A lot of municipalities won’t let you throw away your leftover paint with your regular garbage and you shouldn’t pour the toxic materials down the drain. You do not have to haul unused paint or stain to your hazardous waste facility. You can instead dump sawdust into the can and allow it to sit there uncovered until the paint hardens. You can then safely throw the paint in your trash without worrying about contamination.


Fill gaps in woods

This is a very popular use of Perth WA sawdust. You should take a tip from floor finishers and use your sawdust to fill cracks, holes and gouges in wood. You can create some sawdust from the wood you would like to patch and grind it into fine sawdust. Mix it with wood glue and use it to fill the damages.

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