Firewood Storage Tips To Prevent Rotting And Wastage

Perth firewood can be used provide warmth during winter and a fireplace can provide a cosy setting in your Aussie house. Storing wood correctly helps protect your firewood and create a reserve during the winter months. If you store your wood outdoors, you should choose a place near your home that is high from the ground because you don’t want your firewood coming in contact with soil. If you store your firewood inside, you should choose a good storage location such as a shed. You can also keep your firewood in a trunk. You need to ensure that your firewood is protected from moisture to enable it to burn effectively when you are ready to burn it.


Choosing a storage location

When choosing a location, you should choose a place close to your homein Australia. It is important to keep your storage location convenient. Firewood is heavy to carry so if you store it far away from your home you will have a hectic time carrying it. This can be more stressful during winter when it is cold outside. Choose an appropriate space far enough from your house to avoid termite infestation. However, the location should be close enough for convenience. You need to remember that if there aren’t any appropriate place close to your home, you can buy a wheelbarrow to make it easier for you to carry firewood and transfer it to your house.


Store firewood away from the soil

It is important to remember that when firewood Perth in Western Australia is stored directly on the ground, it will rot. Bugs and bacteria can get into your firewood and cause it to go bad. Find a suitable location for the firewood. You can store your firewood on surfaces like clean gravel, concrete and asphalt. If you cannot find an appropriate surface to store your firewood, you can use sticks to elevate your wood off the ground. You can also put a tarp underneath the firewood.


Store firewood in a non-wooden shed

You can store your firewood in an outdoor shed. Wood will be protected from weather conditions like rain when you store in a shed. The shed will also be a good barrier between the soil and the firewood. However, you should avoid storing firewood in a wooden shed because termites and carpenter ants can take up home in a wooden shed and go into your firewood.


Avoid storing firewood inside your house

You might be tempted to store firewood inside your Aussie house but remember bugs can hitch a ride on the firewood and damage your property especially the wooden structures such as the ceiling. If you have an old trunk, you can use it to store your firewood. Some fireplaces have places built into the wall next to them to store firewood.

When storing Perth firewood inside your house, make sure your firewood is completely dry. If you collected or chopped your firewood, you should store it outside to give it time to dry before bringing it inside. It can take around six months for firewood to dry.


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