Tips For Gathering, Drying And Storing Firewood In Perth

Whenever the subject of Perth firewood comes up in a conversationin Western Australia, it is usual for people to have different opinions about the matter. Different people have their favourite wood types. Whatever your favourite wood, we have compiled some tips that will help you get the best results when it comes to gathering and burning firewood.


Plan ahead

Before you start gathering firewood, you should have a plan. You must make decisions as to where you can get your firewood, whether you need a permit, whether the firewood should be cut to size and whether you need to season your firewood. Generally, a lot of people get started too late in the year to getting proper firewood supply for the winter.


Get your firewood supply for the season

In some Western Australiaareas, it is possible to get a wood cutting permit to cut down firewood for fuel from state-owned lands. This is only necessary if you don’t have a woodlot. For the current information about cutting firewood in Perth, consult the respective department.


Make sure the firewood is seasoned properly

All wood should be dry to burn properly. This will help you maximise the heat values of the wood. Unseasoned wood doesn’t provide enough heat because most of the energy will be used to evaporate the moisture from the firewood during the burning process. Additionally, burning large amounts of unseasoned firewood can be hazardous because it can lead to the build-up of creosote if the temperature in your chimney is not hot enough to allow creosote to condense. It is, therefore, crucial to plan your Perth firewood collection in time so that you can cut and stack wood in spring before the next heating season to give your firewood enough time to burn well.

Increase the seasoning process by stacking your firewood carefully

If you want to season greenwood, it is crucial to remember that the stacking method you use to store your firewood will affect how fast the wood will dry out. If you want your wood to season quicker, then you should crisscross and open-spaced stacked. If you pile your firewood together, it will not season quickly and it might not be ready for burning when you want to use it. The size of the pieces will also affect how fast your firewood will dry.

Protect your firewood from weather

Wood is naturally hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs and retains moisture just the same way it dries out through seasoning. It is, therefore, best to protect your firewood from elements. Make sure you store stacks of wood above the ground and cover the top of the stacks with a weatherproof material such as plastic.


Keep a variety of wood species

When it comes to burning Perth firewood, each species of wood in Western Australiaplays its role. Softwoods catch fire faster than hardwoods and they burn for less time. They are therefore the best for starting a fire. Hardwoods don’t catch fire easily but they burn longer and produce more heat.


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What kind of poem is this?

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