4 Top Reasons Why Your Fire Needs Only Hardwood

Your fire certainly needs the best firewood to burn well. If you have built a fire while camping, best chances are that you utilised softwood. This is as softwood trees comprise around 80% of the earth’s forestry, so even if you were not actually looking for it, you are much more probable to utilise it for kindling. Softwoods are evergreen and they mature much faster. They do not shed leaves during winter and autumn. Hardwood trees are a lot denser, which is a feature that makes them much ‘harder’ both in texture and grain. So,if you happen to be naming the types of trees you know randomly, it is likely that you are listing softwoods. This article lists the main reasons why your fire needs quality hardwoods.


They take a lot longer before they burn one hundred percent through. This is as they feature a lot more pulp that is to be burned at any particular time, which then makes them to burn much longer than all other woods, especially softwoods.


They produce much less smoke. In comparison to all kinds of softwood, hardwoods are certainly not as smoky as their counterparts. That certainly might happen not to do any good deal of harm when it comes to outdoor campfire, but it is somewhat a bit less than optimal for fires that are built indoors. As hardwood does not produce as much smoke as softwood, it is preferred for outdoor fires by lots of individuals. That is why it remains the foremost kind of firewood in perth.


While softwoods burn completely down to ash, hardwoods are known to generate quality charcoal. Charcoal is excellent for fires that are built overnight indoors, as it is capable of retaining heat for much longer. Charcoal also makes it a lot easier to restart your fire if it so happens, that it has gone out already.


Hardwoods are certainly a lot more cost effective at the end of the day. Even though softwood might happen to be significantly cheaper at the exclusive level, it is most likely that it will eventually end up costing a lot more at the end of the day. This is as you will certainly require much larger quantities for you to sustain any fire that you build overnight.


When it comes to heat level, both softwoods and hardwoods are capable of rising to the same occasion. But, once again, as softwoods happen to feature a much lower density, they actually catch fire much quicker and they also burn out much quicker. Hardwood is certainly better for you if, you are looking to build a fire that you want to burn all through the entire night.


Generally, hardwood is a bit costlier than softwood, so several and varying individuals might decide to go for the option that is cheaper. Nevertheless, a fire that is built with hardwood will certainly burn all through the entire night, while the flames of softwood will certainly peter out after just a couple of hours.


These are the 4 topmost reasons why your fire actually needs hardwood. It is the best firewood you can use, particularly if you intend building a fire that lasts through the whole night.

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I just need scraps of

I just need scraps of hardwood. Thin slices of rounds are great please. 

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