How To Make Free Fuel From Paper And Sawdust

We are going to teach you a simpler way to compress paper and Perth sawdust in WA briquettes using your weight instead of hands. Our method applies more compression pressure than when you use your hands hence produces more solid briquettes. With our method, you will be able to use waste such as the cardboard packaging, junk mail and chainsaw to heat your home log burner. You will have solved the problem of getting into a mess as you try to feed the chainsaw sawdust into the fire. Using sawdust alone for fuel will produce a lot of smoke.


You will need a large tub

You need a large tub so that you can soak your papers and mix in your sawdust. If you have junk mail, newspapers, cardboard packaging and magazines, make sure you tear them into small pieces. This will make it easier to blend. You could use a paper shredder to do the work because it is faster than using hands. Avoid dust from chipboard and MDF as it releases toxic acrid smoke.


Get water and soak the pieces for three to four days. Get your plasterers paddle and attach it to your drill. Use it to mix your wet pieces of paper and then add as much sawdust as possible. As you add in more sawdust, continue with the mixing and add more water if required.


Purchase a paper briquette maker

If you don’t have a paper briquette maker, you will have to buy one. Fill your mixed sawdust in Perth WA and paper into the briquette maker. Remember there are a lot of places you can buy sawdust if you don’t readily have it in your home. You can even make an order online. The main purpose why it is necessary to add sawdust is to make the paper logs burn longer and produce more heat. You can use the briquette maker with your hands but this will require a lot of effort and the handles can end up digging in after long use. You can place a plank of wood across both handles and step on the plank. Be careful not to lose control and fall. As you step on the briquette maker, more water comes from your briquettes and this makes it more compact. Compact briquettes are easier to handle and burn better than those that are not compact.


Store your briquettes

Store your briquettes somewhere dry to enable them to dry. You will need a place where there is enough flow of air such as under a roof outdoors. Avoid storing them in a shed because this can lead to the formation of mould due to a lot of moisture evaporating. This method will keep you happy when junk mail drops through your letterbox.



Now that you have used your Perth sawdust in WA and waste paper to make briquettes, it is crucial to make sure that your briquettes are dry before you burn them. You can burn them in a cast iron multi-fuel stove or the same way you burn charcoal.

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