January 5th


I slowly fill my tea cup


Watching the hot water thrash the little tea bag back and forth


The way storms toss shingles and trash cans


The way waterfalls await nations that once laid claim to calm rivers


Are we debris caught in society?


Are we as hopeless as homes lying under hurricanes?


Why can we measure wind temperature destruction body counts bullets fired bombs dropped civilians displaced but can't calculate the casualties in our subconscious


If we could see the suffering that vengeance brings


Could it divert us from disaster?


Greed's hot noxious breath is on the back of my neck


I walk through septic tanks of humanity overflowing with sorrow and filth


Hidden side effects of the selfish


Can't someone wake us from this collective Holocaust nightmare?


Some witch doctor from a more peaceful dimension?


I want to bottle your smile and your laugh so it can cure our hellishness


It can cure the coldest heart in its most biblical plague


It reminds me why I can never give up


Because at the end of this swimming pool of corpses


There might be a face like that


To tell me this horrible struggle has all been worth it

Maybe this is why we are here

Not because we're terrible and have arrived to do terrible things

But that we know we can change

That there are things worth fighting for

Worth giving to

And if we keep going

The world could be as amazing as you




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