A Poem About Summer




I heard you’re seeing someone,


As if it’s any of my business,


It’s not as if we were together,


Or I ever really loved you,


I mean sure,


I dipped my feet in that laugh,


Interned as confidant,


I have fond memories of your splendid show,


Your performance raw and magnificent,


On days we’d walk to the cemetery,


The Sidewalks seemed to sing to me,


You made even the dead more alive,


You awoke the world from its slumber with your radiant magic,


The hot summer sun no match for your luminosity,


Of course, I would never go back to see it,


Your enchanting act,


Though isn't it curious?


That the longer it’s been,


The more it pierces me,


That I can’t make the world look as beautiful with anyone else.


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Melancholy Write

Looking back - I was doing that earlier today and tears just happened,. can be sad. The future is my thing for 2016. Wishing you a brighter world ~Stella~




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Thank you

I appreciate the comment, thanks for the read!

Nicholas Dulepski