Free Will

I sit in the library

Typing away at an old

Computer whose monitor

Looks more like an

Out dated microwave,

There is the couple

With the constant

Third member of

The club,


always lending a

helping hand to her

but he is not the

one on whom

she rests her head,


There's some sort of rap

Boasting out of some

Cumbersome headphones

Squealing like an old

Plastic wind up toy


two friends calmly

debate their college debt

with dread in the

silence of no answers

and the

long winded


of breaking the bank

their vibrance

suddenly stoic as

they think about what

their future may hold


It is certainly possible

That debt will be


That they have

Bought into

A black hole

A Pyramind scheme

Sang their last song

Put everything on Enron


but I would venture

that while yes

indeed debt has

difficult branches to break

there will be little

talk of it at the dinner table

not so much as a hush

on their honeymoon

and bills wont be

baby's first word


So tonight I'll have a few beers

With friends I'll have for atleast a few years

And the bank can bill me

After I've made my first billion

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 internet is out in the dorms made a quick one in the library, enjoy. Wink

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