Nervous Wreck

I feel my hands start to tense

I try

To resist the shaking

The best I can but it's


I wonder what she must

Think of me

This beautiful woman

Who birds sing their

Most delightful songs to

Next to

This short shaking man

In some sort of mania

How can every word

Wind the fibers

Of my muscles

Like the chain of a bicycle


That underneath

The disguise of discomfort

Lying deep in a reservoir

Of rejection

Devoured trust

And hungry hearts,

Of episodes

That repeat

While most

Logically could defeat

Them before they

Completed High School

Lies my troubled thoughts

No hotline

Or drug can hide

This horrible soul

The way I can


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There is someone

For everyone out there

 There has to be

 Don't there?

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true true

haha what do you think about the poem

Nicholas Dulepski

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It is philosophical

To me.

 Money can buy almost anything.

 But Leagues are different for a reason.

 Love is love

Talk to Tina about that

 The poem was simpler then I am making it out to be

 I think


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Nicholas Dulepski