Short Poem on Love and Life

(The dialogue between Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451 and his mistress)

- You're crazy, dear! Why do you need this stuff?

The glass screens are more harmonious and calmer.

- What do you see in them? Its stark beauty, there is no life in it.

But books, I suddenly understood it, are alive;

thousands of stories and people live in them.

- You are not healthy; what kind of people can live in the paper?

And all these stories, they torment the heart with their sharp word.

- The word is a breath of air, not a sword!

 Is not our hearts were made to be tormented?

- I don’t want to live like this;

I feel so empty in my soul, surrounded by all these books.

- You feel the emptiness because you don't know love.

- As well as envy and hatred.

The people in your books are all jealous and angry.

- Not all books are like that. Your glass screens are not any better;

looking at these frozen eyes, I want to kill myself.

- You are insane. And the books will not bring to the good.

You will become an outcast, a criminal!

- At least I will have a whole bunch of friends in my bosom.

Shakespeare and Swift will be my companions.

- Then you will have to choose.

On the one hand, I will remain, and all your comrades in life.

 On the other hand, there will be your new friends, Shakespeare and Swift,

all these books, and your madness. Well, what will you choose?

Real world or longing among these meaningless pages?

- You won't understand me. We were blind,

But now I see the light! And I can see where illusions are,

And where is the real world was hidden.

Books are the only part of the hidden world:

On these pages - the life and feelings that have stolen from us. But I will return the lost!


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Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shakespeare and Swift will be my companions.

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