How to be a Successful Online Teacher? 4 Characteristics to Cultivate

Do you wish to pursue an English teaching career in China but not keen to relocate at the moment? If yes, consider opting for imparting knowledge through the various online platforms.

Several public schools, language centers, and kindergartens choose qualified individuals rather than someone, who may be available face-to-face, but cannot engage or motivate students in any way.

The following write-up specifies characteristic traits that you must cultivate to succeed in online English teaching. Please check them out right now.

Passion for the Subject and Teaching in General

Are you wondering why having a passion for the subject is specific to online teachers? Don’t all teachers must love their discipline? Yes. But the students applying for online courses are adult learners, who are stressed out due to work and looking out for something interesting. They are going back to a classroom after many years, and have a spark in them. You can satisfy them only if you have the same spark.

Let’s put this in another way. A ten-year-old learns English because it is in his or her syllabus, but a thirty-year-old learns English because he or she wishes to use the language in life.

You need to be passionate about teaching too. You cannot just explain a lesson and give homework. The adult learners want mentors who will guide them and prepare them for the wide range of challenges that life might impose. They want a relationship that will go beyond the normal teacher-student paradigm.

Time Management

Most of the online courses are believed to be asynchronous. There is no set time to be in the class, and the discussions can happen at any time of the day or night. No, you do not have to be online 24/7, but your presence can be requested frequently. You have to complete a lesson within say an hour, so, divide the time in a way that lets you explain, and your students to put forward their queries.

Flexible and Open Acceptance of Feedbacks

The online students wish to be an integral part of the learning experience. They want to bring their opinions and information they possessed through reading on the table. You, as a teacher, must be flexible, and allow them to have their moment.

Do not be rigid like those traditional instructors who punish their students whenever they talk without permission. Also, accept feedback openly. Some students may like your style of teaching; others may find a few nooks. Try to improve yourself instead of getting offended.

Creativity and Appealing Tone to Foster Classroom Community

Without a proper classroom community, online classes will feel like a self-study session. An ideal online teacher will use a warm yet professional tone when delivering lectures, offer collaborative assignments, and implement other creative strategies to engage each and every student. Online school is not Facebook, but you have to take ideas from social media. A student sitting in front of his or her computer must feel attracted to the class and the material.

If you have all the characteristic traits stated above, you will have an agreeable English teaching online in China experience. Make sure also to procure a TEFL certificate; otherwise, no institute will offer you a job.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have you been thinking of teaching English online to the students of China? If yes, you must exhibit a passion for the subject as well as the profession. You should also create an ambience that will appeal to students and not feel monotonous. For details, please go through the given discussion.

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