After FRIENDS, What Best Does the Netflix UK Have to offer?

If you’re extremely bored in this time of lockdown, we have a solution for you. Why don’t you get hooked to the shows that have gained love across the globe? Netflix has a lot to offer to its viewers, but you should know which one to choose to make the most of your time. To help you out with this ‘time-eating’ decision, we have shortlisted a few shows that are worth your time.


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BoJack Horseman


Do you have a soft corner for animals, and do you also wish if animals could talk? You can watch a talking horse in this series that transcends its format to an extremely funny but moving rumination on middle-age malaise and depression.


Stranger Things


One of the most popular shows, Stranger Things, is a must-watch. It is a mega-smash series which presents strange things that happen to a small-town mom’s son who also happens to be abducted by a transdimensional monster. Strange, right? That’s exactly what it is, and that’s what keeps you hooked.


The Staircase


How can just a staircase be the base of a show? Yes, it can, and in fact, it has. The show features the story of a man who is charged for the murder of his wife. The twisting and turning documentation keeps you engaged, and at times, you might even find yourself feeling the pain, struggle and plotting of the lead character. That’s how interesting it is, and hence, you need to check out the promotion code for hayu so that you don’t miss such beauty!


Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a fantastic treat for those who enjoy anthology series. This show has just got better and better with its screening and becoming popular with time. The makers of the show – Brooker and Annabel – have been releasing unsurpassable episodes for their viewers, and these are a must-watch.


The Crown


It is a blockbuster by Peter Morgan, which has earned a lot of love from all its viewers. A royal picturization of the journey to the throne, The Crown paints the script beautifully. Claire, who plays the queen, is the most loved character of the show. Once you start seeing it, you’ll get hooked up with it.

So, enjoy your favourite show during this lockdown.

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It is a blockbuster by Peter Morgan, which has earned a lot of love from all its viewers

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