We stand here wondering what to do, broken feeling like the whole world is against us, we smile  but we cry deep within, laughing but dying, these feeling cut so deep my eyes tear and I start to weep, short of breath I can’t see lost in the dark the light is so hard to grasp I feel my self letting go but something in the back of my mind won’t let me ,we love but we brake we try to see good but we are so blind and full of greed,broken hearts and broken dreams whys is life so hard JOD ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME.!!!! Feeling hopeless I have nothing to loose broken within I don’t know what to do, They brought you up when you were down hopelessly in love but now you feel like a clown, now broken we sit here and cry nothing more you can do then to let the river of pain flow through your eyes, we love we lie we brake we die we come back to life with love in disguise, but deep within loneliness is the loudest silence 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is the best thing we do. 

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