Interior design in Spain

After you bought your Spanish property you should think about the interior design and furnishing. In Spain there are a lot of different types of furniture ranging from antique over traditional to modern furniture.


Spanish antique furniture can be bought in special antique shops where it was varnished before. There is furniture from different epochs available that usually is very valuable. Often you can also buy other antique articles as decoration to give your Spanish home your personal note.


Interior designSpanish traditional furniture is made of oak-wood and very massive. These are available in the furniture stores all over the country. But in Spanish furniture shops you can also find modern furniture and some that are influenced from other cultures and countries so that there is no problem to find the type of furniture in Spain that you prefer. In Spain there are not only national furniture stores but since the last few years there are also international ones (e.g. Ikea) and you can find furniture of different styles to different prices.


If you are not sure in what style you want to furnish and decorate your Spanish property, you can ask a Spanish interior designer for help. Just to get some ideas of different types and possibilities of interior design you can leaf through some magazines about Spanish interior design like Casa Estilo, Nuevo Estilo, El mueble, Casa Campo etc.


If you do not buy a new built house but an elder one you may have to renovate and refurbish your Spanish property. Before you start refurbishing your home you should notice that there is a trend back to the roots in refurbishment of old houses in Spain. Depending on the Spanish region you live in there may be some terms of references in refurbishment you will have to follow in order to preserve the Spanish landscape. In this case you should refurbish your new home considering the cultural and traditional characteristics of the region you live in so that your Spanish property will match with its surroundings.


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