Apple Music playlist placement - drop the beat!

Have you dreamed of world fame? Or your ambitions are a little more modest? If you read this, then you are almost certainly a starting musician. Perhaps you already wrote a song in which you put all your heart and soul. Now you have a question, what to do next? Be sure to get yourself an account with Apple Music and other music services. Upload your composition there and take care of its promotion. And not just promotion, but Apple Music playlist placement of your track. Why is it the placement of playlists, and not the adding of plays and subscribers? I'll explain why.


If you don’t know, Apple Music is the most popular music streaming service with an active audience of more than 60 million users. And there everyone has a minute of glory, which can grow into an hour, day, year, and so on. The biggest efforts producers and their agents spend on finding new talent in Apple Music.


What is the basis for placing songs in playlists? The system has a special recommendation system that advises users of music based on preferences and previously listened to tracks, playlists, radio stations. If your song appears in the top and most popular playlist, people will listen to it, subscribe to your account and renew their paid subscription.


But why playlists? Everything is very simple. Since the time of vinyl records, people are accustomed to listening to music in collections that have grown into discs and later into playlists. There are always a lot of songs in playlists, each of which is not like the other, so that everything is clearly distinguishable and hard to confuse. There cannot be two identical songs, therefore, if your track is distinguished by expressiveness, novelty of sound, lyrics, then it will be very easy for him to fall into the souls of people. Everyone who likes it will go to your profile and listen to other songs. Soon they will subscribe and share with friends.


Undoubtedly, the goal of promotion is the number of subscribers, plays, the place of the song in various tops and playlists. But among them, only Apple Music playlists placement can be considered a modest and organic way of promotion. It would never occur to anyone that a song got into the playlist undeservedly, thus everyone would benefit. The listener will receive a catchy track and the musician will receive a new fan. Playlists are the gateway to the world of Apple Music, open for everyone. The system will surely help a beginner not to drown among high-profile releases of sharks of the music industry. Try, and you will succeed!

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May I ask what kind of poem

May I ask what kind of poem this is?


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