How to grow on Youtube in 2020

Buy views on YouTube and grow in 2020. Well, it's not quite that simple.


YouTube has spent an incredible amount of time and resources, developing its platform, which is essentially a cash-generating machine. The longer a user spends on YouTube, the longer you spend watching ads, the more money YouTube is paid by advertisers.


We have all experienced this.


How quickly does a cute puppy dog video turn in to a flat earth conspiracy, which turns into an imminent alien invasion, which ends with the world ending in 2020, and in the end you're a nervous wreck unshaven and dirty, eating cereal out of your belly button?

Please don't deny it you've been there.


But how does it happen? They take the best content creators on the platform and continuously push them into your feed and search results.


The algorithm will take into account your previous searches, the channels you've liked and followed and any comments you have made, and it will try its best to suggest similar videos for you to watch.


Casey Neistat is arguably the most famous Youtuber. He's a vlogger with over 11 million subscribers to his channel, and he has posted hundreds of videos literally. It would take you forever to get through his channel. It is impossible to compete with the big guys.


So, is there room for a new YouTube channel?


Of course, there is.


So how do you capitalise on this?


There are 2 crucial things that you can do right now that will help you with YouTube promotion.


Use trending topics


YouTube has a trending section that will show you the latest and most popular content. You can capitalise by being creative. After all, you’re an artist. Do a cover of the biggest song in the world at any given time or a video talking about a particularly important or controversial subject. Use your imagination but make it relevant to something that’s happening in the world right now. 


Use Keywords and SEO optimisation


Secondly, it's essential to use SEO best practices and use relevant keywords in your videos. By using high volume and relevant keywords, you become infinitely more discoverable. Do some research and find some keyword research tools to aid you.


Once you have your house in order, only then should you buy YouTube subscribers and buy YouTube likes. This can really enhance your presence on the platform and doing it this way will give you the most bang for your buck.

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