The Hero That Is Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson

Verse 1

Brilliant and beautiful

Though he will

Never admit it
For sadly he
Doesn't see
Himself the way
We all do

Though I wish 

So bad that

He did 
Because he 

Deserves to
But hey I get it

I struggle 
With that too
Thank you 
Shane for being 
Someone who gets it
Like I do and being

Someone we can 
All look up to

And driven
With a passion
To help people
Imagine society
How much better

The world would be
If we were all
More like Shane

Verse 2

He and Ryland
You cannot deny
Are total 
Relationship goals
If you don't love them

There is something
Seriously wrong with you
Down to earth 
Un selfish
Cares about 
Way too much

Which you know
He won't hesitate

To admit to
And yet caring too much
Is what he will always

Continue to do
It's what he lives for
And it shows
So thank you Shane
For being the type
Of person that reminds
Us all that there is 
Good in the world

To live and fight for
Thank you


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