Shane Dawson:Queen Of YouTube

Shane Dawson

Verse 1
Shane Dawson

YouTube legend
Queen among men
When it comes to
And innovation
Not a soul
Can touch him
And amazing
Hell yes bitch
He earned it
Not that he would 
Ever admit it
Caring and humble
So happy I am 
That onto his channel
I did manage to stumble

The game changer
That has turned
YouTube on its head
Not just an entertainer
He now makes us
Think instead
Yes I know I am not
The only one who
Can't wait to see
What he does next

Verse 2
Shane oh Shane
What is there 
Left to say
A hero that
Inspires me
To be me
And believe in
Not only what I am
But what I do
Every single day
Just  by being 
The person that he is
And through the content
That he makes
If you aren't a fan
Then what is wrong with you
And fool 
I feel sorry for you
Because no one can make
A day better like Shane can
And you know
That is true



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