The Legend And Inspiration That Is Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson

Verse 1
Shane Dawson
If you don't know
Who he is 
Then where hell 
Have you been
Has been on YouTube forever 
And I hope he never 
Stops doing what he does
Because it is all 
Just fucking brilliant 
And I honestly 
Cannot get enough

Of any of it
Grew up bullied 
In a broken home 
Just like me
Went from nothing
To an insanely
Beautiful something
Thank you Shane
For being an inspiration
To so many and me

Thank you Shane
For all that you do
For encouraging 
Those like you 
To be the best us 
We can be 
And reminding us 
That we are not alone
Thank you

Verse 2
Incredible and funny
Never fails
To make me happy
Someone I can
Relate to 
For reasons
I wouldn't wish
Upon anyone

it gives me hope
To know
That has been through

Things that I have
Can turn out 
So beyond amazing

It's almost insane
Kind and generous
An all around 
Good person
Who could teach
A think or two
To all of us
So here is to you Shane
From and everybody
Who is a fan so proudly
Thank you 
For inspiring us to just be us
By refusing to be anything less
Than the incredible person
That you yourself truly are



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