fuck ass bitch


you play with words in a most

distasteful manner

and your poesy isn't poetry

it's poop shit

not even worthy of a good

jerk and cum.


fuck you! language game

you pay uneducated poor

female Homo sapiens

to strip naked

go doggy style posture unwashed

and tongue fuck and finger stick

their tight stinky sticky assholes

and hairy frowning cunts.


you're disgusting deranged

opprobrious incendiary

polarizing and ne'er

tire of playing the provocateur

and now you're on the Tanqueray?

fuck you! eat shit! nigger! faggot!

American slut! i... love... you so much.


can i say that?!

is that something i can say!?

respectfully request permission

to punch-fist my own ass.

"...permission granted."

thank you, sir...

how it hurts so good.

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