not knowing is beautiful

the stranger whispers to himself

drunk faded falling deeper

into the dreamlike music;

remembrances of things past

feelings and memories buried

deliberatedly forgotten.


an adolescent boy dehumanizes himself

to become tough strong like a man

or the image of a man in his mind;

but the music finds him too

deep down through the winding

mysterious sweet-scented streets

of humid midnight Mexico City.


and the young dark beauty dances

through the dim lighting

her bright brown eyes playful;

long slender fingertips caressing

across the swarthy smooth skin

of her delicate swaying arms.


and he thinks to himself

through the warm scotch buzz

how beautiful it is not to know

what the words mean

though he hears the emotion

passing through the singer's voice;

and he interprets as he likes

lost in this fleeting moment.

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