!!! W A R N I N G !!!

free critical thinking's discouraged here;

it's dangerous to do that here;

it'll get your eyes gouged out

and the victors will leave you alive

to show their children

as they lean down and whisper

into their hungry impressionable ears:


"now see what happened to him?

you don't wanna be blind, do you?

so do as you're taught

and think good right thoughts;

now that's a good little boy."

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To some extent, this reminds

To some extent, this reminds me of my parents' thinking, and the thinking of a number of the public school educators, during my years in elementary and junior high schools.


[* /+/ ^]

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i was born into a cloistered

i was born into a cloistered intensely Born Again Christian community that some might argue was cultlike... and i experienced first-hand the intellectual repression of overbearing adults forming and shaping the helpless hopeless minds of the youth to their desired designs... very Allegory of the Cave... Socrates/Plato, you know?...

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It's funny.

It's always the other guy who is brainwashed.  We are too smart for that.  Wink

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far from it... i was

far from it... i was a brainwashed youth... i suffered... it's not uncommon... though it's a bittersweet memory recurring.

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The birth of sheep... I

The birth of sheep... I enjoyed this, and would willingly wind up blind.. I REFUSE to be silenced and beaten down by the status quo.

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I N D E E D !!!!!!!!!

I N D E E D !!!!!!!!!