Love Me

Will you still like me if I’m just me?
Would you still care if I never change?
I’m usually sloppy, my room is a mess
My bathroom is ridiculously clean
I’m organized and anal
My clothes always face to the left
I’m unbearably random
Sometimes a little bit dense
I forget what I’m doing in the middle of doing it
And prefer to do five things at once
I would rather go to sleep
Than stay out too late
I have days where I stay home and veg
I cry when I’m angry, happy or sad
I’m demanding when I’m upset
Sarcasm is my main sense of humor
I prefer to laugh really loud
I would much rather be quirky and weird
Than popular and “normal”
And I’m definitely obsessed with clothes
And jewelry
And make-up
I have an addictive personality
Sometimes I’m a little clingy

Still like me?

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mrcalif's picture

i really like this poem

if someone doesn't like you for everything that you are then they are not worth it.