Why You

Here I sit alone in my bed, wondering how it ended up this way. Why you- the one who abused me- got the good life. Why do you get to use me for 7 years, and then fall in love. Why do you make me believe you want me, then turn around and tell your Mom you're going to marry Her. And now here I sit, alone in my bed, wondering why you still haunt me. I still picture you kissing me. I still remember the way you smell. And the night we went bowling for hours, just enjoying each other. And now here I still sit hating you. Wanting to wish something horrble, until I realize you're happy. Wanting to hate her, until I hear she is great. Wanting something...until I realize there is nothing.

So here I go again wondering why you get the good life, leaving me to sit alone in my bed.

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I hope you get out, meet

I hope you get out, meet people, and find that there are billions of fishes in the sea
waiting for thee