How could I have been any different,

When you were all I knew?

You were the first and the only

There was nothing I could do.

You molded and shaped me

More like you abused and deceived me…

But I thought what you gave was love

I had never known anything different.

How do you even get over

Years of destruction?

How do you say no

To that type of seduction?

Even after I found another

I treated him like you

I acted like he used me

I pretended he loved me

Until one day it became true

He told me I was beautiful

He held me and told me he cared

He never lied to me about what we were

Or the connection that we shared.

How can I be any different?

Is it even possible to change?

I know how much I want to…

But this feeling is kind of strange

I still get the urge to cry

I still get the urge to run

But I think he finally saved me

From all the damage you had done.

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