This is like something I have never felt

It completely alters my reality

I'm addicted

These toxins I put in my body

Seem to comfort me

This smoke that fills my lungs

Seem to complete me

One day I want to quit you

The next day I love you

With each burning inhale

I take what you give

My mind really wants this to end

But my aching body disagrees

One whole day I cant even get through

The craving utterly taking over

I turn into a different person

Till suddenly I'm back where I was before

I dont want to be controlled

By a little white stick

But I give in

Because just one more inhale

That's all I need

One more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sure this says enough for you to get what its talking about. But I'm having problems quitting smoking. Its a real addiction... ahh

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