You can see it ahead of you

Sometimes right next to you

But theres still some distance to do

Just seeing it and knowing its there

Can bring a smile to anyones face

Three point one, or six point two

Maybe ten, or twenty six

Whatever the number is

Whichever you prefer

An end is always sure

Suddenly your legs feel stronger

You breathe in deeper and move faster

Theres people behind you

You can feel their breath

But you're going to stay ahead

You're going to finish

First or last, You dont care

You just keep moving towards it

Because when you're running

Finishing is all that matters

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have recently become a runner. I LOVE it. I wrote this right after my first 10k race. (6.2 miles) The most happiest time in my life has been crossing the finish line

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