I knew this would happen,

It always does

I knew I would want to run again

Just because...

Because, well my life hits a point

Either I know too many ppl

Or Ive been here too long and dont know enough

Maybe somethin happened to me

Or life seems too rough

I always feel like its easier to start over

Easier to just begin somewhere new

Time to find new friends

Even though my friends may be few

I feel out of control in my life

I dont really know where its going

So maybe if I just go,

Maybe if I keep running

I will actually end up somewhere,

A place that will take me in

Somewhere I can be me

And not worry about to live or sin

Life will be simple

I will be happy

Everything will be fine

If I just keep running

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Obviously I have a problem with staying in one place. I always think how it would be easier if I just left or something. I dont know where I got this from, but in the past year or two its happened a lot for me. ugh.

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