Riding along an innocent track

Holding on tight, but never looking back

Just watching, waiting for whats up ahead

Slowly creeps inside the feeling of dread...

Cant see the track or see where its going

Up, Up, Up, everything starts slowing

Then, the peak, and what should be a good feeling

No, down it goes into uncontrolable spinning

Try to grasp anything, theres nothing to hold

Screaming and crying...the fear unfolds

Then the track flattens, sucking in air

Finally letting out a silent prayer

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Soo as you probly figured its describing a roller coaster ride, and that symbolizes life. Or my life anyhow...

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Steve's picture

I think you might have caught what life is all about just a long roller coaster ride, never ending. Life isnt really about what you know already but that curve in the roller coaster that you cant see yet and how you handle that curve is what defines you as a person...