When you wonder what path you want to take

Or which way is right

When you feel lost and confused

Walking with no end in sight

Remember the good things you really know

Remember the people who care about you

Think of the gospel and the plan of happiness

And then...choosing is easy to do

Lieing isnt fun, and neither is being sick

Having to tell your family you messed up again

And dealing with all the same pain

Man, its something to feel shame

The future is too soon

The end so near

Its not a good idea to put it off

When that is what I really should fear

I want to be happy!

I want to do good!

I want my family to trust me!

I want to live the way I should!

I've put off for too long something I shouldnt have even started

Once again im starting over

Building new

And this time...I know exactly what to do


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Remember the bad days, remember the sick days, remember the things you hate...and be motivated to stay doing good

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