True Story

Somehow I thought what I did was the right thing...

You know...coming here and starting over new

Finding something special for me to do

You all didnt hate me then, it was what happened after

After I left everything, it all went so wrong

The two months seemed to go on so long

No matter what you think, I dont care anymore!

I dont think about you, or worry about anyone

Im not sad my life back there is done

I lost more friends than I even dreamed I would have

You guys figured I turned on you

But I only did what I felt I needed to

So go ahead, and talk about how much you hate me

Talk about how horrible I am and who I betrayed

The lies I told and the games I played

I did it all for me, how selfish I am!

Did you ever think to ask the story, or see why?

Do you wonder if I ever cry?

When I think of what happened it breaks my heart

I wanted to save help you some way

So I wouldnt worry and wonder every single day

I left you! I felt so responsible...

Like I had to make sure things turned out right

Even when I couldnt keep you in sight

So Im sorry if it feels like I ruined your life

Like I broke a promise and repeatedly lied

You know I only care about you, and I tried...

But this was the only way, the only thing I could do

And really, I did it for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is kinda odd. The first couple "yous" are directed toward someone I hate, then at the end the "you" turned to someone I really cared about. Only people I know will understand, but thats just how my head worked it

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