I cant believe I trusted you...

I dont even know what to say or do!

I tried so hard to stay your friend

To forget about our past so we wouldnt end

But now I hate everything you and I had

The way you treat me and lie to me is so sad

Why do you do this to me? Why do you lie?

Is it because now you dont have to look me in the eye?

You were the one telling me not to let go of it all

You were the one telling me this was our last fall

I left in hopes of being better, of being able to hold on

But now im broken to pieces and my trust is gone

I dont want to hold on to the past!!

Its sucks me into a life that will never last

I wont trust you anymore and im not going to try

Hopefully this will be the last time you make me cry

I wish this didnt happen, I wish you could show you cared

I wish it didnt seem like you forgot everything we shared

But its your fault this time, you pushed me away

And ready to let go

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