Head or Heart

Here it all is building up inside of me

Inside of my head, where my heart doesnt go.

My heart is a place my head doesnt know

Two organs that control my body

And yet--they never seem to agree

My head tells me to take you, and never let go

Never look back, and never say no

My heart is in complete contradiction...

By now Im not so sure I have a heart anymore

Or at least one that can tell me whats in store

For being with you, I guess I already know,

Thats a road I always go...


I'm leaving soon, it doesnt even matter

I'll be in a new place, a new life, a new Me

The only time its hard is with you

Facing everyday with you

Its fun, its right, Im eighteen!

I'll only be here once...one year

Two months

Two months left

Am I willing?

Of course


Of course you say No

Yes is what got me in this place anyway

Yes is what makes me always stay

YES I want you, in the wrongest way

No is what I really should say.

Broken to pieces, Broken Hearted

Pieces of me wanting pieces of you

Oohh, more like ALL of me wanting all of you.

Dont they say mind over matter?

My broken heart knows the truth

My broken heart knows it cant handle you


Yeah, you

I'll give up everything I have for you

You never even asked me to

but thats what I wanna do

My heart is Numb

My brain is Dumb

Good enough?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I only write poems when I have some sort of emotion and I have never taken longer than 10 minutes to write one...I have been on this poem for awhile and did it just for the want of writing something. Soo, its different than my normal stuff, Hope its good

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