My friends, hmm, yeah thats what I thought too

Thats what I thought about you

My Friend

What is friendship made of?

I sure dont know because I thought it was trust

Or Love, or something else meaningful

But me and you? Now thats a bunch of bull

HA! We are built on lies.

Lies of Love, Lies of Trust, lies that die

Eventually they all die because you cant keep up

You cant keep up with the crap you tell me

Because its hard to keep up the same story

Act like you hate me, I dont really care!!

In the end I wont even be there

Because Im leaving you behind, getting out of this place

Ill never have to even look at your stupid face

Lies...thats what they do to me

Lies...will I ever break free???

Author's Notes/Comments: 

HAHA Friendship built on lies! Its all bull crap that I get stuck in. Sorry, anger made good thoughts into a bad poem...

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