I know it wont be easy, but Father I will try

I'll do my best now so I can look you in the eye

And when that day comes I want to say I've done

All that I could do so in the end I've won

I want everything you promised that I would recieve

If I set all my goals now, you promise I'll achieve

You promised I'd be happy, you swore it all to me

But I'm so sorry my Father, its hard for me to see

Because I went down a path, a place I shouldnt go

And I'm trying to return but the coming is awfully slow

Things get in my way and I dont know what to do

They always seem like many, even though there may be few

So I'm asking you, my Father, to help me now

Help me walk when sometimes I dont know how

Please pick me up on the times I fall

Help me find a way to overcome it all

I love you Father and this I pray tonight

I know it's not easy, so harder must be right

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