What do you do when the very thing you depend on is the thing you hate the most?

What happens when your faith is so strong you dont believe in it yourself?

Does it make sense to learn from an experience that you repeat again?

Can you repent and move on when you've moved on many times before?

What happens when you make a good decision and hate yourself for it?

Can you ever be normal when normal feels so wrong?

Is it right to care about someone that doesnt care about you?

What happens when you want to be friends with someone then you become friends and realize they arent the person you thought?

What do you do when you question yourself, and question the very thing you belive in?

Or can you even believe in something that you question?

It doesnt make sense, but the things that dont make sense usually end up being the best thing to do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont really know. Just a bunch of questions I had when I didnt know what else to say. Makes me think too

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