Silent Voice

There are times when I remember

The days when I was free

There are moments when I forget

What it felt like to be me

I have sudden urges to run again

To get up and forget it all

Until I hear somewhere in my head

A faint, but pleading call

The person in my head now

Is not who I was before

She seems to be so happy

And smiles a whole lot more

There are other moments...

Times I just sit and cry

Or days that go on forever

The world always passing me by

But I remember the promise I made

The promise to stay pure

I'll never break it, I cant break it

This I know for sure

There are days when you remember

I'm sure there are a lot

I wish I knew how to help you

Get over things I already forgot

I see in you, what I saw in me

I see what you need to change

That person in your head is there

Though you think its kind of strange

I hope you'll listen

I know you care

I know at times it feels so hard

And everything isnt fair

But im here for you in my weakness

Wanting to help any way I can

We both have a great life ahead of us

We just need to take the stand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a long time friend...

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