Holding My Hand

I can’t figure out these things I feel

I don’t know what to say or do.

I’m overwhelmed and my insides are shaking

But the last thing I want is you

Too many nights have I laid there and cried

Too many times have you whispered to me.

You’ve said great and beautiful things

“This is the last time, you’ll see.”

I told you I was done and you said okay

Never again would I feel bad inside

But I don’t think you care about me

You said you did, but you lied

Because tonight you tried again

You took my hand from where it belonged

And tried to do what we’ve always done

This I time I felt terribly wronged

Now I’m hurting so bad and I want to cry

But someone else took my hand and held it

I immediately felt comfort and strong

I knew that this hand really fit.

Who is this person holding my hand?

And why isn’t he hurting me?

I’m so used to pain inside

But he opened my eyes so I could see

That there will be someone else

A person sent from above

One who will never use me

Because all he wants is my love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written on a very emotional night...

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