What If?

If I died tomorrow would you cry?

If I was gone tomorrow would you care?

What if you never saw me again?

Would life still seem fair?

What if you could never say goodbye?

And everyone was gone so fast

Would you even be sad a little?

Or would you just forget the past?

What if you took me for granite?

What if I forgot about you?

What if I never saw you again?

What if you hated me too?

So many questions to answer

So many last minute decisions

So many things going on in your life

So many different reasons

What if today was goodbye?

What if tomorrow you knew,

More than you knew today,

Then what would you do?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont know if many people will get this poem. But at the end its saying that if only people knew yesterday that today their friend would die, what would they do to change? Something to really think about

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